CSR Initiatives

Growth that benefits all

The modern era has redefined the role of the corporation and has added a social dimension to its existence. But socially relevant work has been considered to be the prerogative of sprawling corporations with decades long histories.

Not so by Topworth. Despite being a young company, we believe fully in the idea of a Responsible Corporation. Which is why our Chairman established the Abhay Narendra Lodha Foundation, with a vision that harnessing the untapped potential of this sizable section of the society can bring about the socio-economic transformation in the country.

The Foundation is exempted from Income Tax under section 35 AC of Income Tax Act, l961 and is registered under Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 1976.

Key objectives:

  • Awareness generation and implementation of health care facilities with a special focus on women and child.
  • Promote education amongst educationally backward sections of the Society
  • Empower men and women by continuous self improvement through skill development that create opportunities for income generation
  • Optimal utilization of resources and technologies for energy efficiency and cleaner environment

Work Methodology

As a core part of our corporate DNA, our CSR Initiatives are led from the very top. The Foundation considers thoughtful and committed programs for all- round development of the communities in priority areas mostly in remote and backward regions. We collaborate with a number of key stakeholders such as village Panchayats, local NGO's', State and District authorities etc.

Projects are conceptualized after a participatory need assessment of the communities in the priority area independent of the business locations. Projects are finalized after consultation with Board of Directors after comprehensive discussions.

Our programmes are formulated with a scheduled rolling plan, milestones and, measurable targets. It is our constant aim to initiate the program; develop self-regulation sustainability of the program and hand over the reins of further development to the people.

Key projects


A healthful population is a key metric of both economic and social growth of the country. Any economic development is meaningless if it does not impact the people in positive ways.

The challenge in front of the health sector are vast, but at the Topworth group challenges are our domain. We have prioritized Health as the key area for development and support a number of communities through the development of physical infrastructure and ensuring the availability of trained medical personnel. We have played a pivotal role in facilitating interaction among community stakeholders to promote awareness in healthcare programs and provide 'Quality Healthcare to All' especially to the needy at their doorsteps.

Mobile Health Services

Providing doorstep care is one of our key healthcare objectives. Towards this end our fleet of 5 mobile clinics provide diagnostic services, referral services and distribute medicines to the needy in remote rural regions and urban slum areas. The clinics serve a vast work force that lives from day to day and cannot lose a day's income to reach the nearest medical facility. In addition to basic healthcare our vans also conduct advocacy campaigns to promote health positive practices especially amongst women. The vans are also equipped to provide more advanced services such as ECG and Ultrasound.

Since inception we have served more than 1,50,000 lives and today touch more than 10,000 poor people every month, 70% of whom are women and children.

General Medical Camps

We regularly organize healthcare camps in underdeveloped urban and rural areas across various states of India. We bring to the underprivileged, free health care services including medical check-up, diagnosis and referral services. Medical camps are either organized independently or in association with the mobile vans being run by the Foundation in association with specialist doctors from eminent hospitals. Comprehensive diagnostic facilities are made available to patients including facility for recording blood sugar & blood pressure level, ECG and ultrasound.

Eye Camps

Ophthalmic disorders are a neglected area in backward and remote places. We give special emphasize on such specific issues and regularly conduct specialized eye camps in association with local eye hospitals and specialist doctors.

Spectacles are provided to the patients during the camp and cataract defect are also identified and selected patients with severe cataract problem are operated free of cost at the associated eye hospital. 20-25 patients receive life changing operations every alternate month through these camps.

On an average each camp touches 800- 1000 persons and so far 8 such monthly camps have been organized benefiting more than 50,000 people 65% of whom were women and children. Besides the regular monthly medical camps, Mega Camps targeting 2000 persons per camp have also been conducted in remote and backward areas. So far 3 mega medical camps have been organized benefiting around 6000 persons.

Community initiatives

We also support existing healthcare infrastructure such as Primary Health Centres / District Hospitals etc. to help them improve the efficiency of services to the community through human resource, technical support etc.

In one of our more recent initiatives we supplied district hospitals at two major districts of Himachal Pradesh with Swaraj Mazda Ambulance vans to transport patients to distantly located super-specialty hospitals. The service is being run under the supervision of the District Red Cross Society.


Human capital is India's greatest wealth and the key to our future. Nurturing this capital and helping underprivileged communities in discovering their potential is a mission to which we are fully committed.

We recognize that education has a vital role to play in achieving sustainable improvements in the socio-economic status and self-reliance of low-income families. It is our endeavour to enrich children with the wealth of education by supporting them with need based infrastructure and providing financial support.

Infrastructure Development

We invest in need based infrastructure to improve education standards. Financial support is provided to schools for additional class rooms, furnitureand fixtures, toilets, sheds, installation of water coolers, etc.

Supporting meritorious students

We constantly strive to nurture young minds through financial support in the form of scholarships. We also encourage physically challenged students by identifying poor and meritorious students and supporting them with mobility vehicles, fellowships etc.

Developing well rounded personalities

We believe that aside from the providing skills for employment, education should also mould well rounded individuals with the ability to contribute to society. We support extracurricular activities at various schools by sponsoring sport kits and cultural competitions. In addition to this we also provided students with school uniforms, notebooks, etc.

Skill Development

In addition to imparting education we also work towards boosting the employability of the underprivileged. We organize training and capacity building programs on productivity oriented employable skills, vocational training, resource mobilization, financial management and other market oriented skills.

We believe in maintaining coherence with the local needs and market realities and these are the key consideration when conceptualizing and deploying any such programme. The training programs ensure increase in opportunities to the youth to search gainful employment or become self-entrepreneurs. We place a strong focus on the empowerment of women, which is a precondition to social development.

Skills training of women

We have initiated targeted projects to assist women of marginalized communities in generating additional income. By helping them hone their skills in stitching and tailoring, we help the women generate an additional income to help meet household expenses. We run training centres under the name "Sutra Dhara Sillai Kendra" to train women in basic and industrial stitching as well as tailoring. So far the kendras have taken in 350 women and trained them in basic tailoring and stitching.

Community Welfare

The only sustainable changes are those that are driven by the communities themselves. We work as catalysts in a number of communities to promote social and economic development.

Our welfare measures target people inhabiting villages in some of the most underdeveloped regions of our country barring any boundaries. Currently, efforts are underway to develop a remotely placed tribal village Sapnai in district Raigarh to a model village by generating basic facilities of education, healthcare, infrastructure and overall social development.

Access to Water

Water is one of the most basic human needs and a key influencer behind health and all aspects of sustainable development.

To create a supply of high quality potable water, we have installed water- filtration units in a remote village in Andhra Pradesh to the benefit of over 5000 villagers.

Special emphasis has been given to generate water facilities for the villagers of the Gram Panchayat Sapnai. We have installed a number of bore wells with submersible pumps that provide drinking water to 2000 villagers. We have also installed a dedicated bore well near the Primary Government school, especially for young students.

Besides facilitating drinking water supply, we have also supported the village by providing an agricultural pump of 5 HP to the Panchayat for irrigation purpose covering approximately 3760 acres.

Infrastructure Support

We have constructed link roads, shelters and also installed CFL Street lights across all the villages under Gram Panchyat Sapnai etc. and are in the process of changing the very face of the area.

Empowering Women

Women's empowerment is a key focus area for us. To support the women of Sapnai, we have instituted a number of Self Help Groups to help them leverage their resources more effectively. In a recent effort, 23 Women SHGs (Mahila Samitis), at Sapnai were provided with 2-3 Daris each and also supplied with cooking utensils to ease the organization of community development programs.

Supporting Youth

Our youth are our future. To help promote and develop this human capital and help the youth develop to their maximum potential we support and promote Yuva Samitis's. Over time we have supported the clubs and their members with cricket kits, musical instruments and other facilities to identify and improve their skills. Young athletes and players are encouraged by sponsored cash prizes in inter- village tournaments.

Other Activities

Festivals and celebrations are important events that promote community life. From time to time, we provide financial support towards the organization of various festivals in the village like Diwali, Makar Sakranti mela etc.. We are also making efforts to upgrade the facilities in and around religious premises and provide dari for community temple and arrange water facilities among other efforts.

Environment Management

At the Topworth Group, we believe that compliance and sustainability are key responsibilities of any ethical corporation.

We have launched a number of ambitious initiatives that will significantly curb our greenhouse gas emissions. We have set up Power Project based on Waste Heat Recovery Boilers at Crest Steel and Power Pvt. Ltd. and Topworth Steels & Power Pvt. Ltd. With a capacity of 8MW and 12MW respectively, the plants will lead to a sizeable reduction in our fossil fuel consumption. Both the projects are under the process of validation and registration by CDM executive board. Once the validation process followed by registration will be completed, we will be in a position to credit CERs.

At the community level, the Abhay Narendra Lodha Foundation works in collaboration with voluntary groups and promotes energy efficiency measures among the people to contribute to the achievement of global sustainability. Some of the key focus areas include environmental awareness in communities, watershed management, promoting renewable energy and natural resource management. Projects are being undertaken across six states in India i.e. Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Himachal Pradesh, Orissa, Maharshtra, Uttar Pradesh

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