Our TMT Difference

  • It has a uniform rib pattern, a prerequisite to ensure its strong bonding with the concrete.
  • For the desired rib pattern, we prefer CNC Advance Technology over the usual manually cutting method of the ordinary TMT.
  • It has a uniform rib depth and spacing than the ordinary TMT.
  • It has a better fatigue strength than the ordinary rebar, ensuring a strong concrete structure for generations to come.

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Our 3-Stage TMT

Quenching : The reheated billet is rolled first and then passed through the quenching process for instantly cooling the surface of the bar to become martensitic, while the core remains austenitic.

Self-tempering : Heat from the core of the bar dissipates to the surface allowing the formation of tempered martensite, while the core still remains austenitic.

Atmospheric Cooling : The bar is cooled on the cooling bed, resulting in the conversion of the austenitic core into the ductile ferrite-pearlite core, thus giving the desired quality to the final product.

Our Quality Assurance

The Stepping Stone

  • Raw materials and finished products are tested according to our strict quality management protocol.
  • We have a fully-equipped in-house Quality Assurance Division to ensure the desired quality parameters.
  • Highly skilled Chemists and Metallurgists Of Our Quality Assurance department inspect materials stagewise to minimizing the chances of error.

About Us

Founded in 1999, we are one of the fastest growing conglomerates in India today with 2,500 employees.

Our revenue exceeds 1.0 Billion USD and is expecting to achieve US$ 5 Billion by 2018.

Our strategic focus sectors are Steel, Mining, Power, Pipes & Tubes, Aluminum Foils, and Infrastructure .

With Lodha Gold TMT, we have come a long way to introduce a more sophisticated, modified, and a premium quality product over our previous version.


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