Steel is our flagship businesses. With a combined capacity of 1,000,000 tons of iron and steel products and 4 plants spread across all the premier iron ore producing regions, we are rapidly growing player in this key sector.

Our diverse range and multiple locations allow us to provide unparalleled customer service. Our manufacturing processes are inherently flexible, allowing us to respond quickly to customer needs and provide them with products that they need.

Semi Finished Steels


Sponge Iron, Mild Steel Scrap and other alloying elements such as Carbon, Manganese and Silicon are melted in the Electric Furnaces to get the molten steel of the desired composition which is then cast into square cross-section semi-finished steel bars called as Billets in a Continuous Casting Machine (CCM) . These Billets are then rolled in the Rolling Mills at a temperature above 1000 Deg C to make rolled products such as Beams and Channels, Angles, Rounds, Squares and TMT Bars. The Steel Melt Shop (Billet Plant) comprises of Induction Furnaces equipped with Continuous Casting Machine (CCM) for manufacture of Steel Billets/ Blloms ranging from 100 to 250 cross section. An expansion of the steel making capacity is on and the wok is under progress.

Sponge Iron

The metallic Iron obtained from Iron Ore or Iron Ore pellets by direct reduction in Coal based Rotary Kilns is called as Sponge Iron. The name sponge Iron comes due to the porous structure of the reduced Sponge Iron due to removal of oxygen from the Iron Ore (Hematite) structure, when observed through the microscope. The Sponge Iron along with MS Scrap is charged into the Melting Furnaces to get the Steel Billets.

Lodha TMT

LODHA TMT (Thermo Mechanically Treated) bar is rolled out in one of the most modern and fully automatic Rolling Mills and further processed in the world's proven technology. The TMT process involves 3 stages of treatment for imparting the superior strength and quality to the ribbed bars - Quenching, Self-tempering and Atmospheric Cooling. It is this process that gives LODHA TMT its unmatched qualities. We have been awarded the BIS License No CM/L-2812453 for manufacture of High Strength Deformed Steel Bars and Wires for Concrete Reinforcement conforming to IS 1786 : 2008.

Lodha Structurals

Topworth Steel & Power Pvt. Limited is an integrated steel plant with a facility to produce Sponge Iron, Power, Billet / Bloom and Structural Steel. The plant conforms to various national and international quality norms and ensures a superior-quality product every time. Topworth Group has set up modern production facilities at Durg (Chhattisgarh) to meet the customer requirements for quality structural. This facility enhances the production quality and increases the quantity, giving our customers better outputs on an everyday basis.

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