• The Pillars of our strength

    As a value drive company, we have cherished certain ideals since our inception. These form the essence of our DNA and are the source of our ideas, our passion and our conviction.

    Poised for a leap into the future, these ideals are more relevant than ever before and we know that they will stay with us into the distant future acting asour philosophical compass.

  • Speed

    Thinking fast and moving rapidly are essential for a company that wants to stay ahead and truly remain relevant through changes and economic cycles. Our speedy decision making has been one of the key elements behind our growth and will continue to remain so.

  • Scale

    Only big dreams have the power to make big changes. Since our inception we have crafted our vision on a vast canvas and then brought it to life through meticulous execution. A grand vision is the soul of success and the life blood of our growth.

  • Perfection

    The most well conceived ideas remains incomplete without meticulous execution. A detailed plan is the roadmap to success. We seek perfection in everything we do, whether it is in the quality of our products or the detailing our projects.Our attention to detail and striving for perfection has been one of the key factors behind our success.

  • Service

    Stellar service has always been our strong point. We strive to be responsive to customer needs and demands, because our success lies in theirs. Continuing our tradition of excellent service is an essential value to take into the future.

  • Sensitivity

    Without real social relevance, growth has no meaning. At Topworth we understand our responsibility towards the environment and society. Despite our relative youth we have already put an active community outreach and service programme in place. All our plants conform to the latest environmental regulations.We will always strive to give society and the environment their due share.

  • Globally Indian

    We live in a completely connected world and consider ourselves to be part of a pan national identity. At the same time we must be mindful of our heritage and identity as an Indian corporation. We are rapidly maturing into a global player and this value will be our guide in interacting with our local partners, customers and employees.

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